How Smart is your Conference Room?


Looking back to when I started my venture in the working world, conference rooms were much different than they are today.  We had a large table with chairs.  White boards and the occasional projector which was stationed on the table.  When a presentation began, one of us would get up to shut the lights, another to draw the blinds all while the presenter adjusts the projector.  Nowadays, businesses are taking conference rooms to a whole other level allowing for more functionality and efficiency by incorporating automation flagyl dosage.  With automation, you are able to control the lighting, automated shades, multiple TV’s, projectors with automated screens, stereo system and even the thermostat, all while incorporating video conference call capabilities to include off site employees.   Not to mention, it is simple.  You are able to control all of this with the push of a button, and will all work exactly as you wanted.  Engage your employees and potential clients with a “smart” conference room that will really wow them.  Call us today and learn how you can transition your conference room!

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