Our expert design engineers and product specialists on the AVE Commercial team can design and install a centralized Control system for your office. This technology increases productivity by automating controls so you can direct all your attention to business. Using one simple central control station, you can easily manage all your electronic components at the touch of a button:

  • A-V system – Turn on and off, control volume, etc.
  • Lights – Turn on and off, programmed or on demand
  • HVAC – Set/change thermostat
  • Window shades – Raise/lower for energy management
  • Touch panels – i.e., Rising from or stowing within conference room tables

In the past, these components had to be turned on and off with individual switches, buttons or remote controls. Now, we can program your personal device to become the central point of command for the lighting, thermostat and audiovisual systems in your entire office space.

Deep Industry Expertise

We employ only industry specialists with advanced experience and exceptional attention to detail, guaranteeing our clients the best possible experience. When you engage the services of AVE Commercial, your assured industry specialists, you’ll receive competitive solutions and unmatched customer service, from design to installation and throughout the life of your system.

AVE Commercial’s engineering team provides a complete set of documents with every Control system. This includes diagrams, schematics, and all the technical information for each component in the installation. The details in the plans may be complex, but operating the Control system is easy and foolproof. We also provide full training and ongoing support to make sure every user of the system is at ease with it.

Please visit our Hampton Falls showroom for a demonstration of an integrated Control system. Or, call 603-601-1050 to speak with a Sales Designer.