What to Know When Buying a Projector

Your company just decided on buying a projector for the boardroom, but how do you know which projector will work best for the particular application?  Don’t make a rash decision and purchase a projector that you will not have any success using.  This is when you should be giving us a call omqhzlb.  I have seen many different conference and meeting spaces and can truly tell you that there is not just one size that fits all.  Every environment is a little different which can make a huge difference in the projector you purchase.

Consider the environment of the room.  If your meeting room is a space where attendees will be taking notes or interacting with the presentation, then turning off the lights and closing all the blinds may not be an option for you.  Or maybe your meeting room has a wall of windows and no blinds. With more light in the room, you will need to choose a projector with a higher number of ANSI Lumens which is how the projector brightness is measured.

Another consideration is the technology you will be using for your presentation.  This will determine what the native resolution should be of the projector you choose.  Also, what is the content that will be displayed?  If you are using the meeting room to share power point, excel spreadsheets or word documents, then perhaps a lower resolution projector would fit your meeting room needs.  If you are displaying digital photography, engineering drawings, or videos then you would really want to see those images with a higher resolution projector.  Keep in mind though that the best resolution for your projector is that which matches the resolution of your computer.

Where the projector is being mounted will also play a role in determining which projector and which lens to purchase.  Let’s assume that the projector is going to be somewhere where you cannot reach, but we need to adjust the zoom on the lens.  We are going to want to make sure we find a projector with a digital zoom rather that a manual zoon or a situation where the lens needs to be changed.  The lens we purchase with our projector must be able to fill the screen from where it is mounted flagyl how long to work.  Don’t make the mistake of buying a projector just because it was on sale, install it and realize that the projector needs to be 10 feet closer to the screen to see the image. Or better yet, purchase a projector that is meant to be mounted 20 feet away and only have a 5 foot space to work with.

There will always be a need for projection video in boardrooms and conference rooms.  Don’t waste your money or time buying a projector that doesn’t fit your needs.  Let us determine what the best solution is for your meeting room space!


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