AVE Commercial

AVE Commercial is a division of Audio Video Experience, which began in 2001 to fill the Seacoast area’s need for high-end audio-visual systems. Our success has been built on relationships with satisfied clients from greater Boston to central New Hampshire. The highly experienced AVE Commercial staff designs, installs and maintains complete systems using top-of-the-line technology for corporate communications, building controls, and business background music. Customized cabinetry, mounts, racks, art frames, and other treatments are available for a seamlessly beautiful finish suited to your office decor.

Great installations require great products. We install only the best-available equipment, built by the industry leaders in each product area and chosen for their quality and reliability. Because of the solid relationships we have with these manufacturers, they stand behind us with exceptional support. Many of our commercial projects involve architects, interior designers, electricians and IT departments, who we work with seamlessly. Our clients consistently praise us for being on time and on budget. We deliver what we promise and then some ‒ 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

With our deep knowledge, meticulousness, and core competencies in technical aspects and design, our solutions will not just meet your company’s audio and video needs, they’ll; exceed them. For businesses with multi-state office locations, we will service them all. If you are interested in having our team visit your site for an assessment, please call 603-601-1050 to speak to a Designer.